2019 Tyler Ugolyn Tournament; Girls Varsity Win

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During the 2019 Tyler Ugolyn Tournament the Girls Varsity Basketball team did an amazing job coming together as a team and defeating numerous teams, making their way to the Championship. This video showcases their teamwork and a great looking 3-pointer by Lauren Davis. Congratulations!
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  • 3 Point Shot - Girls JV 00:15 50-50 Raffle Shot - A Winner!

    At each basketball game, our players conduct a 50-50 Raffle that not only raises funds helping to support our Athletics Program, but it adds an exciting element to the basketball game experience. This time around one of our Fatima families had a winning ticket AND had a player in the game. With each winning ticket, the holder wins 50% of the total collected. The winner also has the opportunity to shoot in hopes of wining the whole pot. The family's player took the shot for the jackpot...and got it!
    The best part of the entire experience - the entire Girls JV team running to congratulate their teammate on such a tough shot. Fatima Falcons always celebrate each other's win!

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