Youth Ministry Calendar


Important dates in Youth Ministry


September 7 (Friday): Annual Parish Cookout (5-9PM)

September 25 (Tuesday): Sodality first meeting and Ice Cream Social. (4-5PM middle school)

September 28 (Friday): Children of Mary first meeting and Ice Cream Social (4:15-5PM grades K-5)

September 29 (Saturday): FAMILY field trip to Ambler Farm! Ambler Farm is a local organic farm that is run by dedicated volunteers, with “Farmer Kevin” Mehan leading all of the their many educational opportunities. Farmer Kevin will give Fatima families a tour of the working farm, including opportunities to harvest produce, collect eggs, and visit the farm animals. He will explain how organic farming is a form of Christian stewardship and will equip our families with plenty of ideas of how to care for Creation in their own backyards. Farmer Kevin wishes no compensation for our field trip, other than that our children remember him and his family in our prayers. That being said, Ambler’s delicious farm stand will be open for business for those of us who wish to do our grocery shopping! (9-10AM all ages)


October 6 (Saturday): Annual enrollment and blessing of Sodality and Children of Mary, with small reception following the 8 AM First Saturday mass. This is a VERY SPECIAL event, where children will be commissioned in their call to service and receive holy medals. (8AM all ages)

October 7 (Sunday): Bring your pets to church! St. Francis of Assisi Blessing of the Animals (1:30PM all ages...and species)

October 14 (Sunday): Family Field trip to the NY Wolf Conservation Center! Back by popular demand, OLF children and their families will get to howl with Brother Wolf! This time, the Conservation Center is holding their exciting and educational encounter, filled with hands on activities and REAL LIVE WOLVES, exclusively for Our Lady of Fatima visitors! They were so impressed by the enthusiasm, patience, and good manners of the OLF kids from last year, that it was their idea to tailor a 2 hour program specifically for our families. Cost of trip will be $14 per adult and $11 per child. (all ages)

October 30 (Tuesday): “Stop the Bleed,” a FREE first aid and emergency preparedness class, led by Wilton EMS. This class is a companion to the Hands Only CPR class that will be offered in February. It focuses on general first aid, and includes wound care. This class is open to those ages 13 and over (good for Sodality 8th graders and Fr. Damian’s high school youth group). While there won’t be any graphic material shown, I recommend restricting participation to teens as younger children might be too sensitive.  *MUST REGISTER PRIOR TO ATTENDING*  (grades 8-12, 7-9 PM)


November 2 (Friday): This year, All Souls’ Day falls on First Friday--the regular time for Adoration Club/Children of Mary. This is an exciting opportunity to bust out SO MANY SOULS from Purgatory! In order to be respectful of the solemn and silent space that is Eucharistic Adoration, we begin our prayer for the souls in purgatory in the Parish Center. There, we will pass out our prayer sheets, which will contain the names of those for whom people have requested we pray. We will then, weather permitting, proceed to head outside the church where we will recite our prayers, speak the names of our loved ones, and sing our hymn. We will then tiptoe inside the church for a moment of silent prayer before the Blessed Sacrament. Depending upon the size of the group, we may remain in the lower church, but kneel facing the Monstrance which should be very visible from below. Only if we are a small group will we attempt to venture upstairs. I do not anticipate much difficulty with All Souls’ Day, as this is a day that draws more parent participants than many others.

Afterwards, we will enjoy making and tasting “Soul Cakes” in the Parish Center.


December 1 (Saturday): Christmas tree lighting! 2018 theme: The Little Drummer Boy

December 7 (Friday): Christmas Cookie Decoration for the Bridgeport Rescue Mission, led by professional cookie artist Gabby Lee. Kids will decorate a Baker’s Dozen (13) gourmet, allergen-free cookies. They will be instructed by a professional pastry decorator and will make 12 cookies for the shelter--they will get to keep and eat one for themselves! This could be a possible ecumenical activity, if you think we should invite the youth group of Mrs. Lee’s church (First Baptist of Weston) to decorate in our Parish Center with us.  4:00-5:00 PM (grade 2-5)

December 14 (Friday): Christmas caroling at Brookdale Senior Assisted Living from 4:15-5PM! (ALL AGES!)


January 18 (Friday): Animal Encounters “Kindness through Creatures” visit (4:15-5PM) (grades K-5) Here is a description from the program coordinator: Creating Kindness through Creatures

An Anti-Bullying Program with Live Animal Ambassadors

Whether they have fur, feathers, fins or scales, animals come in many different forms, just like their human counterparts. Long, tall, big or small, we are all important to the world that surrounds us. Students will learn the importance of appreciating our similarities as well as celebrating our differences, while meeting a diversity of live Animal Ambassadors. As we discuss our role as Animal Rescuers, we will explore the significance of respect for all living things. While interacting with Animal Ambassadors such as Kumbia the Red-Foot Tortoise, Leche the Guatemalan Milk Snake, Judy Hopps the Rabbit & Solomon the Solomon Islands Monkey-Tailed Skink, we will discover the value each creature has in its natural environment, and how its appearance and behavior help it to survive. On this special journey, we will draw parallels with our own lives and discover how we too play an important role in our community. Animal Embassy enables students of all ages to connect with the natural world, while learning the importance of kindness and tolerance with this unforgettable, interactive live animal presentation.


Critical thinking will be encouraged: students will learn that all living things deserve respect as they discover why each creature appears, moves, eats and behaves in the manner it does. This model helps children to understand why we should respect all of our human counterparts.

We will pledge to treat others with kindness.

We will promise to do our best to make our communities safe for all living things.


February 17 (Sunday): Tap-a-Tree Maple Syruping at Ambler Farm (all ages) (2:00 PM)

February 19 (Tuesday): FREE Hands-only CPR class, led by Wilton EMS. *MUST REGISTER PRIOR TO ATTENDING*  (grades 5-12, 7-9 PM)

February 10 (Saturday): St. Valentine’s Tea with the School Sisters of Notre Dame (11:45 AM)


March 29 (Friday): Children’s Stations of the Cross (ALL ages and families) (4:15 PM)


April 6 (Saturday): Children’s Stations of the Cross (ALL ages and families) (12 noon)

April 11 (Thursday): Children’s Stations of the Cross (ALL ages and families) (4:30 PM)

April 20 (Saturday): Holy Saturday blessing of Easter Baskets.


May 18 (Saturday): Full moon hike at NY Wolf Conservation Center (All ages)


June 23 (Sunday): Corpus Christi procession following the 12 noon mass

Some events that do not yet have dates attached:

Board game visit at Wilton Meadows/Cannondale Greens

American Red Cross blood drive

Repeat charity drives (Gifts for the Baby Jesus, Tyler Ugolyn Sneaker Drive, Book Share, etc.)

Wilton Town-wide Cleanup Day


Youth Ministry is lead by Mrs. Mara Flemming.