The ARTs


The multifaceted Arts program and extra curricular classes provide Fatima students the opportunity to build confidence, expand leadership skills, share in their community, and make next steps in reaching their potential.

Our Lady of Fatima is strongly committed to providing as many touch-points to The Arts as possible, whether in the regular course of the day’s curriculum, special school-wide events, extensions of in-class lesson plans, or Enrichment offerings after 3:00pm. The Arts, in all forms remind us the power and impact self expression has like no other piece of the academic model.

The ARTs allow for individuals to:

BE: Innovative, Creative, Disciplined, Prayerful

FEEL: Human, Compassion, Joy

ACT: Teach, Solve, Heal, Grow

The faculty members make every effort to collaborate and integrate the talents of all students at school scheduled events.

School-wide events conducted throughout the year not only allow for visual expression, but musical as well:

  • Theatre Group Fall production
  • September 11th Remembrance
  • Living Rosary
  • Christmas Concert, Nativity Storytelling, French production of the First Noel
  • Christmas Choir
  • Theatre Group Spring production
  • Christian Daughter’s of the America’s annual art contest (essay, poems, drawings, songwriting, paintings)
  • Spring Recital


  1. Visual Arts – paint, draw, sketch, portrait, sculpt/pottery, 2-D design, 3-D design, crafts, multimedia.
  1. Practical Arts – culinary arts, media arts, needlework.
  1. Dramatic Arts: In addition to the OLF Theatre Group’s Fall and Spring productions, a number of other events allow students to more fully experience the special moments of community celebration. 



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