Talent Show & Recitals

The annual event always gives platform to the talent, emotion, and wit of our students.  From the very youngest onward, this is a greatly anticipated tradition whether an active participant or joyous spectator.  
Each year we gather just before we part ways for the summer break.  It seems the perfect time to share and witness the heartfelt, creative, and inventive performances. 
Twice a year Fatima celebrates special seasons as well as the hearts and talents of our students; The Christmas and Spring Recitals. 
The Christmas Recital along with the Pageant allows the kids to express themselves in the joyous event of the season. The Band members, along with the choir of children come together, play instruments, act, and sing while conveying the beauty of the First Christmas.  
Once the holiday season has passed, students practice new songs and pieces readying for the Spring Recital. It is a time when we are all more than ready to welcome warmer weather and the beauty of nature coming to life.