Fatima is a place that challenges students to stretch and reach outside themselves to learn about their community and their world.



Nurturing a love of learning

Where will an education from Our Lady of Fatima take you? We are confident saying that it's beyond what you thought was possible! Our individualized attention, strong academics based on a proven curriculum and supportive community of staff and educators will inspire a deep love of learning, curiosity and developing knowledge of the world in your student.



Fatima Falcons

The Our Lady of Fatima Athletic Department sponsors the Basketball, Cross Country, and Field Hockey programs. The goal of the Athletic Department is to encourage all eligible students to participate in the various sports programs we offer. We ensure that each athletes experience is positive. 



Developing Spirituality

Our Lady of Fatima strives to be a community of faith, in which students develop awareness of spirituality in themselves and in others and develop and deepen their relationship with God.



There is a sense of connectedness you get when in a school of smaller size. It is not only felt and shared by students, but is very much a part of the rest of the community - parents, staff, alumni, and especially teachers.  




Unlike many schools in our surrounding area, Fatima offers a great many opportunities for students to interact with numerous forms of the Arts throughout the year.  In addition to formal Visual Art and Music classes in the curriculum, there are after school enrichment opportunities all year round. 


Service above self

Service to others, whether it be communities in need or extending a helping hand to a classmate, the Fatima motto of Service Above Self is seen, felt, and experienced everyday.  



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