Personalized Approach to Learning

In fall 2018, Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Academy was selected by the Diocese of Bridgeport to lead the way in the future of Catholic education by launching a Personalized Approach to Learning.
A Personalized Approach to Learning means instruction is fluid and flexible, based the on the needs of the student. The benefit of this approach is that every child receives a tailored education, allowing them to excel in their strength areas, while identifying and receiving added support and attention in areas needing improvement. A Personalized Approach to Learning allows students to learn in an environment that engages, inspires, and empowers them.
Whole group, small group, and one-on-one instructional strategies are combined with cutting edge learning technologies to provide each student with a personalized learning experience in the classroom. This approach to learning also provides the teaching staff and students with autonomy and empowers them to take student learning to the next level.       

The Benefits of the Station-Rotation Model

A portion of each day is devoted to the “station-rotation” model which is a student-centered instructional approach that incorporates:

  • small group, teacher lead, direct instruction;
  • opportunities for students to collaborate, create, and communicate as well as practice and demonstrate mastery of skills and content; and
  • time for students to reflect on their learning and set academic goals with the support of a teacher.


The Role of Technology

Technology is one of several tools used to enhance the curriculum and encourage student creativity, critical thinking, collaboration and communication. Carefully selected instructional technologies are integrated into individual, small group, and teacher lead instruction. The teacher continually monitors the student’s mastery of core concepts featured in the digital content, along with the student’s in class performance, to create an individualized path for learning.