Multi-Age Classrooms

Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Academy classrooms are structured to allow children spend a longer period of time with the same teacher, resulting in a stronger learning relationship. A child will have the same teacher for two consecutive years in our PreK and Elementary classrooms.  Multi-age classrooms are grouped with two consecutive years together as follows:  PreK 3/PreK 4;  Kindergarten/Grade 1; Grade 2/Grade 3; and Grade 4/Grade 5. 

The Benefits of a Multi-Age Classroom

A Multi-age classroom offers several important benefits for your child:


  • The teacher learns your child’s strengths and needs over an extended period of time and will be in a position to develop the best Personalized Approach to Learning for your child. 
  • Older students serve as mentors and role models while garnering leadership skills
  • Younger students learn behavior and social skills from the older students
  • The class as a whole learns cooperation, the benefit of supporting one another with the outcome of a creative learning environment and a sense of community in the classroom.
  • The multi-age classroom is child-centered and offers continuous learning.  Regardless of where a child falls on the learning continuum—younger or older, in need of special attention or gifted, a child will benefit from this approach.


As children move to the Academy Middle School program, multi-age continues in homeroom and many of the core and enrichment classes. Middle school students change classes for Math (placement by skill-level), Science, ELA, Social Studies, and Religion along with enrichment classes (STEAM/Music/Physical Education).  This structure prepares students for their transition into high school.