GRADE 6, 7 & 8

Our Lady of Fatima Middle School is an integral part of OLF, yet the middle school is also proud of its individual identity and approach. Our mission is to cultivate students of competence, conscience, and compassion.

The philosophy of our Middle School is to provide each student with challenging and thoughtful teaching, cura personalis, or care for the individual, and motivation in a spiritual environment. The Middle School offers an educational program suited to the diverse needs of students in grades six through eight.

The goals for the Middle School program go beyond academic subjects. In addition to helping each student master skills and content in a variety of subjects, we encourage our students to develop a strong sense of personal faith and become a responsible citizen with respect for self and others. The program works to create a balance between academic rigor and the physical and social needs of the developing adolescent. Our Middle School teachers understand this age-level student and are committed to working with students through these three challenging years.

Upon completing our appropriately rigorous and rewarding middle school program, our students are expected to proceed to any high schol program with confidence and a solid sense of identity.