Academy Model Governance and Board

The Academy Model Governance and Board
We are pleased announce that Our Lady of Fatima School is now Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Academy. The Academy model is a new governance model for selected Diocese of Bridgeport Schools.  This governance model empowers leadership at the individual school level and provides clarity for all those involved.  
Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Academy is now a freestanding, independent legal entity and must be a financially self-sufficient institution.  The Board is responsible for the Academy’s governance and financial management, with oversight from the Diocese. The Board’s focus is to ensure that Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Academy is resourced and staffed to run effectively and efficiently. The Board must ensure the financial stability of the Academy through its revenue sources of tuition and fundraising.  Under the Academy model, all financials for all Committees fall under the Board’s purview and are monitored by the Board Treasurer.  This provides transparency and allows for the best use of funds as needed for the welfare of the Academy.
While the Academy is an independent legal entity, for the 2019/20 school year, the faculty and staff will be employees of the Diocese of Bridgeport. The Principal reports to both the Diocese Superintendent of Schools and the Academy Board.  The Diocese will continue to provide oversight with regard to staffing, along with the curriculum and technology funding for the Personalized Learning Initiative.

Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Academy Board

The Academy Board is responsible for the governance of the Academy and all fundraising endeavors to ensure the vitality of the Academy. We are committed to excellence in academics and the mission of Catholic education. 

Board members are selected to bring varied skill sets to accomplish the new governance responsibilities– technology, fundraising, marketing, finance etc.   Today’s Board is comprised of a mix of current and former Academy parents.  The Board Members serve as Committee Chairs as noted for each of the key functional areas. 

2019-2020 Board Members include: 

  • Kevin Vallerie, President and Technology Subcommittee Chair
  • Liz Halpin, Treasurer and Finance Committee
  • Janet Dobos, Secretary and Enrollment Coordination Subcommittee Chair
  • Kathryn Benedett Lupoli, Marketing Committee Chair*
  • TBD, Alumni Outreach and Advancement Committee Chair
  • TBD, Athletics Committee Chair*
  • TBD, Buildings and Grounds Committee Chair*
  • Clara Taveras, Home Academy Committee Chair
  • Mara Fleming, Catholic Identity (Youth Ministry, Parish and Community Outreach and
              Events) Committee Chair
  • Stanley Steele, Principal and Enrichment Chair
  • Father Reginald Norman, Pastor of Our Lady of Fatima Church
  • In addition, Diocesan staff members also serve on the OLF Catholic Academy Board:

o   Stacy Clements, Personalized Learning Coach

o   Sr. Marilyn Muldoon, Assistant Superintendent

o   Stacie Stuber, Associate Superintendent of Schools.

Father Norman’s role on the Board is that of Spiritual Leader, Parish liaison and Senior Diocesan advisor.  He will help the Board leverage the countless opportunities that exist to strengthen the Academy’s relationship with the Parish community.  While the Academy is not a parish school, it is the tenant of church property and many of Academy families are parishioners.  There is also a long-standing bond between the church and the Academy.

The Principal’s role is that of Instructional & Educational Leader and Chief Educational Operating Officer. He is supported by the amazing teachers and staff.

The Board is open to individuals with no Academy affiliation, who offer expertise in a specific functional area and are willing to devote their time to serve (none serve at present).  The Diocese has requested that the make-up of the Board include a significant percentage of “non-current” parents to ensure objectivity. 

*There are three open positions on the Board to serve as Committee Chairs for Advancement, Athletics, Building & Grounds Facilities and Marketing (open January 1, 2020).  If you have an interest in either of these positions, please contact Kevin Vallerie.