OLF Theatre Group

The mission of the Fatima Theatre Group is to provide a well-rounded introduction in the area of musical theatre including- singing, acting, and dance. Students in grades 1st-8th are able to participate and all are encouraged to do so! The program, lead by stage director and voice teacher Joe Santaniello, mounts two fully staged and costumed productions each academic school year.


Our fall production includes students in grades 1st-5th with an emphasis on creativity, movement, refinement of motor skills, and expanding imaginations in the portrayal of story telling and sharing.


In the spring students in grades 3rd-8th are able to participate in our big scale spring musical. Students are challenged to sharpen their skills in character development, musicality, vocal production, and musical theatre choreography, all while working on leadership, trust, and unity. Our season culminates in a big "whole school" musical weekend extravaganza, ending with the annual Fatima Theatre Group staff recital, "paper plate awards", and reception. 


Santaniello says "it is my goal to select shows that highlight as many students as we can in featured roles. We deliberately "double-cast" our performances with multiple performances so it gives more students an opportunity to have a featured role. In the opposite performances, the same students who had larger roles swap with the other students into smaller ensemble type roles to further their dancing ability, choral singing, and teamwork. It's a win win situation! Double the opportunities, double the fun!" 


Joe Santaniello is a NATS certified voice teacher specializing in both classical and musical theatre repertoire and technique. Students reign from Fairfield County, CT and the Greater NY tri-state area. Santaniello's students have been accepted to some of the top music conservatories nationally for vocal performance and musical theatre. Others have placed in multiple vocal competitions as finalists and have been cast in many regional and community theatre productions as leading players. 


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