Committees/Subcommittees are the heart of the governance model. It is here that the work gets done by members of the community.  They lead and are accountable for the work.  Subcommittees are grouped under a functional committee title. Subcommittee leaders and members are Academy parents.  

The Committees/Subcommittees work together to help execute initiatives on behalf of the Academy.  As an example, Marketing will support Home Academy Committee/Subcommittee events and fundraising to ensure consistency of messaging and communication.


Family Committee Participation Requirements

Effective for the 2019/2020 school year, every Academy family is required to have at least one parent serve on a Committee/Subcommittee.  Each family is expected to provide a minimum of 20 hours of Committee/Subcommittee Service to the Academy PLUS 4 hours of sales support at Something Special Vintage Thrift Shop for a total of 24 hours this school year.   Approx. 10% of the budget is generated by fundraising.  As a financially independent school, it is crucial each family fulfills its subcommittee obligations.  If hourly commitments are not fulfilled, it means lost revenue to the school.  Non-participating families will be charged as noted in the 2019/2020 Parent Handbook.



If you have an interest in serving or chairing a Subcommittee as noted on the chart below, please contact the Board Member responsible for the Committee functional area.  Committee and Subcommittees are noted below and are open to all Academy parents.  Finance is a closed Committee and is limited to Board Members only.

Your Involvement in Academy Governance

The Academy Board meets monthly, year-round on the second Tuesday of each month.  At each Academy Board meeting, from 6 PM to 6:30 PM, there will be an Open Forum for the Academy Community. If you wish to speak or surface an issue, please reach out to Kevin Vallerie who will place it on the agenda.  We will also use this time period to inform the community of any upcoming events/actions.  We believe this approach will allow each member of the community to have a voice.