Help your kids improve their problem solving, abstract reasoning, strategic thinking, patience, and sportsmanship skills by learning to play chess. Studies show that chess helps children focus, and become creative thinkers.


As president of the Connecticut State Chess Association Jim Celone says, “Through chess, we learn how to analyze a situation by focusing on important factors and by eliminating distractions. We learn to devise creative solutions and put a plan into action.”


Our Lady of Fatima School provides a great environment in which to teach our kids these skills and prepare them for life ahead.


The Chess Team will practice together, be taught skills for a competitive environment, and participate in Tournaments over the course of the year.  There are two sessions, each 10 weeks.  The Winter season starts late January. 


On November 8, 2018  an American named Fabiano  competed against Magnus Carlson for the World Chess Championship.  It's the first time an American has made it that far since Bobby Fischer in 1972. You can get to know Fabiano in this interview here: