Our Lady of Fatima School offers three sports programs for students in grades three through eight. We employ a ‘No-Cut’ policy. Every child who wants to participate does so and benefits from all that team sports afford. 


With the help and guidance of our coaches, students learn the fundamentals of each sport and are given opportunities for skill development and practice as well as competitions in various leagues against other teams throughout Fairfield County and associated with the Diocese of Bridgeport.  Along with learning skills necessary to be successful during competition, students gain transferable skills that help them to be all around better individuals. In all of the athletic programs offered, sportsmanship, teamwork, communication, and respect are emphasized.


The various basketball programs, which run from mid fall through early spring, are split by grade into three separate teams. Third and Fourth graders play at the developmental Junior Junior Varsity (JJV) level, which teaches the young players the fundamentals of the game. Fifth and Sixth graders play at the Junior Varsity (JV) level, which is a step up from JJV and focuses on strategies and communication while furthering skill development.  Seventh and eighth graders play at the Varsity (V) level, which is the highest level of competition offered.  


The Tyler Ugolyn Memorial Basketball Tournament is hosted by Fatima each season during two weeks from the end January to start of February. This tournament takes place every night for two weeks and involves up to 30 different schools. The entire Our Lady of Fatima community pitches in with helping in the kitchen, working the door, and supporting the games.


Cross country, which runs in the fall and spring as part of the Fairchester Athletic Association, is open to boys and girls in grades five through eight.  Although this is mainly an individual sport, the students get the camaraderie of a team and excellent physical activity.


Lastly, kindergarten, first, and second graders have the opportunity to participate in Pep Squad, a non-stunting cheer program designed to expose younger students to competitive sports through observation of competition.