After School Program

We are happy to offer you continued service with our After-School program starting on the first day of the school year.The program provides a structured, safe and supervised place to be after school for fun and friendship with adults and schoolmates. It helps children to develop social skills and learn to handle conflicts in socially acceptable ways. Children who participate in the After School Program must follow the program rules and regulations. We reserve the right to exclude a child if he/she consistently deviates from these rules.

The program is available only to Our Lady of Fatima students. Marie Beltrami continues as the program director and the staff consists of OLF teachers.


The After-School program is in session from the end of school each day until 6pm. On early dismissal days the program is usually in session. If the program will not be in session on early dismissal days, you will be given ample time to make alternate arrangements for your child. Children should bring a lunch on early dismissal days. If OLF is dismissed because of inclement weather After-School will also close.


The children will receive a snack each day on their arrival. We provide supervised homework time and help if needed. We have a variety of games and activities and encourage the children to play outside on the playground if weather permits.


We ask that you fill out the attached registration sheet for your child and either drop it in the office or have your child bring it the first day of school and hand it to his/her teacher. It is extremely important that we have your emergency contact numbers as we do not always have access to paperwork in the main office. If you are not picking up your child from After-School, we must have written permission to release your child to someone other than you. We will ask for identification if we are not familiar with alternate pick- up people.