Advisory Board


Our Lady of Fatima School Advisory Board represents Our Lady of Fatima School under the authority of the Office for Education of the Diocese of Bridgeport. The board provides the leadership to foster the environment that provides underlying Catholic Gospel values, long-term strategic planning and financial stability. The role of the School Advisory Board (SAB) complements the School’s mission which is to nurture and foster spiritual, moral, intellectual, physical, and social growth of the student through its religious and academic curriculum and extracurricular programs.


2018-2019 Advisory Board Members and area of responsibility

Kevin Vallerie –  Chair and Technology
Liz Halpin – Finance

Janet Dobos – Secretary, Marketing/Enrollment Coordination

Clara Taveras – Social Events and School Fundraising 
Mara Fleming –  Youth Ministry, Parish and Community Outreach 
Kathryn Benedett Lupoli - Marketing 
Dr. George Zahrah –  Athletics
Fr. Reginald Norman – Pastor
Stanley Steele – Principal