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Fatima Donations to Food Pantry

One of our 7th graders, Abby Jones, recently organized a food drive to benefit the Wilton Food Pantry. Abby suggested the food drive during a recent Sodality meeting on Zoom. The Wilton Bulletin covered the story.

The students are members of Sodality, a Catholic youth group for students in sixth through eighth grades that is largely dedicated to community service projects.
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Truly Grateful and Ever Thankful ~ Our video of thanks to you...

The uncertain times of Covid-19 brought upon us an unusual and dire scenario - that of needing to produce pieces of the yearly budget by the end of June 2020. The school was thwarted in their efforts to execute fundraising since the time the virus dictated we all stay home. In what seemed like a near impossible situation, we found astounding goodness and generous hearts to help get us to the budget goal in this most difficult year. And so now, we say thank you to all who lent us this helping hand. With much love and respect, we give you this video as a small offering of our thanks.
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The Kids Haven't Skipped a Beat

Having to shift to an online learning environment, Distance Learning has been run so well it has enabled students and teachers alike to keep on schedule with meeting all standards for advancement. See a review of a typical Fatima family and the experience they've had to date....
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~ Giving Tuesday ~

OLFCA has been greatly impacted by the dual stressors of the loss of the Spring Gala Fundraiser and the Spring Enrollment Drive. Your support at this time is particularly important and appreciated.

We know that you and your family value the impact of a Catholic school education!

Join the movement - make a donation here. We thank you and appreciate all of you!
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