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I was gone yesterday and I am away from school today too at a Diocese Conference on Personalized Learning. I expect to return with some helpful ideas for this important initiative that will be helpful for all our students. See you Monday!
  • STEM: I stopped into Mrs. Highland's sixth-grade study hall last week. Several students were programing the new Sphero balls. They had the Sphero balls moving in all types of creative designs. In addition, one student had designed some new shapes for our new 3-D printer and was manufacturing these new shapes. And yes, some students were even doing their regular school work. Just another day at Our Lady of Fatima School!
  • Etiquette and Honor : Monday, September 17th, Bill Glass, Commander, and Tom Moore of Wilton's American Legion Post 86 came to our school to teach our 8th-grade student proper flag etiquette. In addition, they discussed the symbolism of the American Flag, gave the history of the American flag, and described the proper way to display and use the flag. For the rest of the school year, our 8th-grade students will take turns raising the flag every morning, lowering the flag every evening and correctly folding the flag for the next day.
  • Science Outdoor Classroom: If you were in school, how would you want to learn about water sheds, forests, and seed dispersals? You could learn about it through a textbook in the classroom or if you are in Mrs. Obemayer's 5th-grade class you can go on a Riverwalk at the Norwalk River and have a morning of mini-lessons right at the river with different guest speakers. A special thank you to alumni parents Kathleen Rooney and Vickie Lynch for leading different breakout sessions and coming back for our annual 5th-grade Riverwalk. Bravo, Mrs. O for this program!


  • Oct 25th @ 6:00PM:  Please plan on joining us on October 25th for a chance to experience this new educational program with your child as we work to enrich classroom instruction with on-line web-based resources. Station Rotation Family Night will begin at 6:00 p.m. on the 25th - Mark your calendars!
    • Technology & Assessments: As I visit classrooms during our 80 minute Station Rotation second period, I am impressed by how well the students are adapting to this new K through 8th-grade instructional program. The assessments have been completed for the Exact Path program in Math and English Language arts and teachers are regularly incorporating this new technology into their centers. I am very impressed with our teachers too for their work to incorporate this new instructional model. Bravo students and teachers!
  • Coming Soon - PARENT FEEDBACK SESSIONS: We are at a time of record change at our school. I am very interested in hearing any questions or feedback that you may have. I would like to start grade level Tuesday mornings "COFFEE WITH THE PRINCIPAL" in the coming weeks.  The meetings will take place right after morning drop off. After my meeting with the room parents I will send out a schedule shortly and I look forward to hearing your feedback.
  • Teacher's Wish List: Do you want to help your child's classroom get some needed items? The Fatima Giving Tree is still  in the gym. Just find an item from your child's class that you want to donate and "pick an apple." Thanks to Carmel Bowron for making this Giving Tree a reality!
  • Room Parents Reps Meeting: We are going to have our first and only Room Parents meeting this Tuesday, October 2nd at 3:00. We will have some of the middle school students provide child care. Please mark your calendars!
  • Wrapping Paper: It is not too early to start thinking about Christmas Wrapping paper. This year our fall fundraiser will be selling Christmas wrapping paper and Kitchen and Home items.
  • Depending on the item, our school will make 40% to 50% profit on each item. This will be the only fall school fundraising event!
  • We need everyone's help and we will award individual and class prizes. Class prizes will be given to each class with 100% participation. More information to follow.
  • HS Biology Honors 2: More good news about our graduates. Anais DeJesus is a freshman at St. Joe's High School.  Anais is enrolled in Biology Honors 2.  The topic they are now covering in class is a unit on atoms.  The teacher and other students in her class were impressed with Anais' knowledge of the subject. Mrs. DeJesus was kind enough to send us a thank you letter. Good job, Ms. Highland.
  • Directory: Our 2018/2019 School Directory is here. If you did not get one, there are copies in Ms. Favier's office. Please stop in and pick up your copy the next time you are in school.
  • VIRTUS: Reminder: you cannot coach, be a class volunteer, or go on a class field trip unless you have been VIRTUS trained. VIRTUS information was passed out at Back To School Night. Diane has extra forms in the school office. The training takes about two hours and once you have done the training, your VIRTUS card is good for five years
  • Label the kids' outerwear: Reminder, please take a moment and make sure you put your name inside any coat, Fatima sweatshirt or Fatima vest your child wears to school. By the middle of the school year, we have many unclaimed Fatima vests and sweatshirts left in the Lost and Found because we do not know who they belong to.
  • Lost and Found : The table is back set-up at the back doors. The Uniform Swap has been moved back to its original home at the bottom of the stairs. If this is difficult for anyone to find, please just stop in at the office for assistance.
  • Calendars on Website: Please get in a habit of checking the calendars on our new website. You can find them at - At the bottom of the front page, you can see three different calendars: a school calendar, an athletics calendar, and a lunch calendar. They all contain very helpful information on coming events.
  • Need more evidence on the value of Catholic Education? Shannon Vizza shared with me an editorial from the June 2nd Wall Street Journal. In the Opinion Section the Editorial Page, there was an editorial entitled, "The Catholic School Difference." In the article the writers quote the research of University of California-Santa Barbara Associate Professor Michael Gottfried and his Doctoral student, Jacob Kirksey.
  • The authors analyzed two types of national data on elementary school students collected under the Early Childhood Longitudinal Study from the National Center for Education Statistics. The studies compared children in Catholic schools with those in public schools and other private schools, religious and secular schools.
  • The authors found that students in Catholic schools "were more likely to control their temper, respect others' property, accept their fellow students' ideas, and handle peer pressure." The authors conclude in their study that in short Catholic School students "exhibit more self-discipline." That is a report that we should be feeling good about!
We have several wonderful fall family Fatima events just added to the school calendar. Please mark your calendars:
  • Family Movie Night: The School Board will be hosting a Family Movie Night, The Incredibles, next Friday, October 5th beginning at 7:00 p.m. Bring a blanket and enjoy the movie as a family under the stars! 
  • Halloween Bingo will be held on a Friday night, October 26th. This is always a great event with children and parents dressing up. It will beginning at 6:30 in the gym.
  • International Family Night will be held on a Saturday evening, November 10th beginning at 6:00 in the gym. This is one of my favorite events of the year with families preparing food and dressing up in the clothes of their native countries. Come and experience the cultural diversity of Fatima!
Geri Galasso. On Tuesday, September 18th, Geri Galasso, taught her math classes in the morning and then went for four-hours of surgery in the afternoon. If you saw her teaching math that morning, you would never have guessed that she had surgery scheduled in the afternoon. Wow! Ms. Galasso has been a unbelievable model of perseverance and faith during her serious health crisis. We pray for a continued successful outcome and that the worst of her treatment is behind her. Ms. Galasso is expected back this Monday. Bravo, Ms. Galasso - You are amazing!
Brian Highland. We recently received a brand new 3-D printer but it still had to be set-up. Last weekend, Brian came into school with Mrs. Highland and spent six hours setting up the 3-D printer so it was ready for the students last Monday to start using. Thank you Brian for your assistance to our school!
October 2nd - Room Parent meeting at 3:00
October 5th - First Friday Mass and Hospitality hosted by Grade 5
                    -OLF Family Movie Night beginning at 7:00
October 6th - Recycling - 10:00 am - Noon
October 8th - Columbus Day - No School
October 15th - School Class Picture Day - wear your school uniform
October 16th - Individual School Picture Day - - wear your best outfit
October 18th - Living Rosary in the Church at 1:45 p.m.
October 19th - Field Trip to Weir Farm for grades 3/4/5
October 23rd - Pre-K 4 through 2nd field trip to the Beardsley Zoo
October 25th - Station Rotation Family Night at 6:00 p.m.
October 26th - 7th-grade Palestian Luncheon at noon
   - Halloween Bingo will be held on October 26th beginning at 6:30 p.m.
November 2nd - end of the first quarter
                         - Last day for fall uniforms
                         -First Friday Mass and Hospitality hosted by Student Government
November 5th - First day of winter uniforms
November 6th - No school for teacher PD
November 8th and 9th - 11:30 dismissal for Parent/Teacher Conferences
November 10th - International Family Night 
                            beginning at 6:00 p.m. in the gym
November 12th - Veteran's Day - No School
November 17th - Elementary Play: Cinderella
November 21st - 11:30 Dismissal
November 22nd and 23rd - Thanksgiving - No School
December 7th - First Friday Mass and Hospitality hosted by Grade 6
December 15th - OLF Family Christmas Party 
                            beginning at 6:00 p.m. in the gym
December 21st - 11:30 Dismissal for Christmas Break
December 24th - January 1st - Christmas Break
January 4th - First Friday Mass and Hospitality hosted by Grade 8
And Finally:
Next Monday is October 1st already - Yikes!