Personalized Learning Initiative

Our Lady of Fatima School is thrilled to be chosen by the Bishop as one of a handful of Catholic schools to lead the way of a critical component in the next level of Catholic education, Personalized Learning Initiative.

Personalized learning is student-centered which allows them to learn in an environment that taps their unique needs and strengths to engage, inspire and empower them to reach their highest potential.
While many teachers already personalize learning and differentiate instruction, this initiative gives them the tools to take what they already do to the next level.  The initiative will provide three key things: an updated technology infrastructure, new hardware and student devices, and programs to support the traditional Catholic school educational experience.  
Technology will be a tool to assist teachers by providing guidance in creating an individualized path for each student, and to use integrated digital content with the current curriculum. 
This does not mean that students will be isolated on devices for an entire class period but, instead,  students will be actively engaged in their learning and will employ 21st century skills such as creativity, critical thinking, collaboration and communication.
In addition, schools will dedicate a portion of each day to a “station-rotation” model in which students will utilize an instructional approach that incorporates:
•Teacher-directed instruction to small groups based on student need as indicated by performance from teacher observation and online programs
•Student collaboration on a teacher-assigned project to create and communicate so as to demonstrate mastery of appropriate knowledge and skills
•Individual student time for reflection and planning
This investment also provides a complete “Innovations Lab” to further enhance the school’s STREAM (Science, Technology, Religion, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) offerings.  In the Innovations Lab, students will have opportunities to experiment, invent, design, and create while discovering concepts through lab stations such as Robotics, Coding, Engineering and Design, and Digital Media and Broadcasting.
We are excited for this vision to come to life in the coming school year. If you have any questions or want to know more, feel free to contact Principal Steele at or (203) 762-8100.
To read more about the background of this initiative, and the story of a generous donor to the program, visti