Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Academy will not reopen in the fall.

Dear Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Academy Families,
As discussed at the May 23rd parent meeting, Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Academy
faced significant enrollment and budget challenges which, in planning for the 2022-23
school year, made real the potential for closure. We had a deadline of today, June 29,
2022, to reach a minimum enrollment of 95 students and a balanced budget to have the
ability to open next year. Regrettably, even with the immense push of the “OLFCA
Initiative Committee” recruitment efforts, we were not able to meet this requirement.
Therefore, it is with tremendous regret that we announce that Our Lady of Fatima
Catholic Academy will not reopen in the fall.
We are deeply saddened by the reality of OLFCA closing- saddened for our own families
and for future families who will never come to know the Our Lady of Fatima family.
Many of us have been associated with this wonderful school for a decade or more, and
some for much, much longer. Thank you to everyone who has been a part of this family,
especially those who have worked or volunteered to provide an excellent Catholic
education for our young people.
Please know that any registrations that were previously deposited will be returned and for
those whose checks were not cashed, those checks will be returned. For students who
were part of our school for 2021-22, you will be receiving a Release of Records Form via
email. This form will enable the school to send your child's permanent academic records
to the receiving school.

We know that God has a plan for each of our families and for every child. While this is
certainly a difficult time, we must try to be at peace, and pray that God, in His infinite
goodness and love, will provide new and uplifting experiences to each of our families.
May God bless you and your families,
OLFCA Board of Directors
[email protected]

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