November 20, 2020


Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Academy

Stanley T. Steele

Principal's Newsletter

November 20, 2020


Dear Fatima Parents,


The Thanksgiving Holiday is almost here and we have a lot of news to share.



Believe it or not, it is time for us to start planning for the next school year. We still plan to cap our classes at 14 students due to the unknown timetable of the pandemic but we must make several important decisions. One of these decisions is concerning our multi-age classes on whether we should keep them together or split them into grade-level classes. As you know, we have a waiting list at most grade-levels. At last Tuesday’s school board meeting, the school board voted on a tuition increase of 3% for the next school year. The Board also voted to approve a $50 registration fee for returning families, and a $150 registration fee for new 21/22 families.



We want to offer all returning families the first opportunity to re-enroll and to “Save their Seat” for the 21/22 school year. We are asking all returning families who wish to save their seats for next year to return a registration form and a $50 registration fee during the next two weeks. As you know, the FACTS tuition payments for next year do not begin until July. You can register on our website or by dropping the form off with your child to the school office. We are giving all returning families until December 4 to re-enroll before opening up enrollment to our currently developing waitlist. Please find below the link to the 21/22 registration form. Included in the link is the updated 21/22 tuition information.



I know many families travel for the Holidays. In this year of the pandemic, we are dependent on each other to keep the children safe. Open communication is the key. If you are traveling out-of-state, or are having company from out-of-state, please call Nurse Sue or Nurse Evelyn to discuss. In addition, the website is an important resource with up-to-the-minute COVID information for families.



Attention everyone who ordered Thanksgiving pies. The Thanksgiving Pies are arriving this Tuesday, November 24th, and will be available for pick-up at dismissal. Our plan is to set-up grade level tables at the far southern end of the front of the school building, in front of the middle school ELA classroom. After picking up our child, continue in your car to the tables to pick up your delicious pies. A table will be set up behind the school for Pre-K families. Enjoy and thanks for supporting our school!



Our next recycling event will take place tomorrow Saturday, November 21st. Please bring your refundable cans, plastic bottles, and glass bottles to the front of the school building between 8:30-10:30. The Middle School students will be helping to collect and sort the recyclable materials; this is a great way to earn Community Service hours. A sign-up sheet will be available via Sign up Genius. The funds raised help to purchase school and classroom supplies for all grades.

Keep collecting all year and drop off as much as you can, every nickel counts! If you have any questions please reach out to [email protected] Thank you, Laurie, for spearheading this initiative!



Classroom dues for the year are $40 per child. The classroom dues this year will serve two main purposes. The first $20 will go toward the Classroom Baskets which will be included in our December Silent Auction. This auction is a major fundraiser for our school. Since we do not anticipate normal class field trips this school year, the remaining $20 will be used to fund class-specific events like bringing in a speaker, hosting an enrichment assembly, or funding a Holiday class party. You can just send in your check to your child’s homeroom teacher. We are still waiting on classroom dues from a number of families.



Reminders, if your child is out ill, please call the Nurse’s office in the morning to let her know. We are blessed with experienced and knowledgeable nurses in Nurse Sue and Nurse Evelyn. During this stressful health time, let’s make sure we take advantage of their expertise. The nurse’s number is 762-8100 ext. 104.



While we were waiting for the arrival of Ms. Taramelli, I had a chance to teach the middle school ELA classes. When I told the 6th-grade class that we were going to be reading the youth novel, Tuck Everlasting, let’s just say the response was not very positive. But on Wednesday last week, when the bell rang, I was getting ready to leave the room. As I looked back, the students should have been taking a break or getting ready for the next class, instead the entire class was reading a head on their own, anxious to find out what would happen next. Oh, the magic of a good book! 



Last week, I asked Blake, one of our primary students, whose brother was on mandated distance learning, who had it better: her brother who was learning at home or her getting up and coming to school every day? Blake smiled and enthusiastically told me, she had it better!



Due to popular demand, Dress Down Days are back. Next Tuesday, is the first scheduled Dress Down day. You can either purchase a single Dress Down Coupon for $10 or a group of five for $40. Just send your check to the office. Here are the dates that the Dress Down coupon covers:


Tuesday, November 24, the last school day before Thanksgiving Break

Wednesday, December 23, the last school day before Christmas Break

Friday, February 12, the last school day before the Winter Break

Wednesday, March 17, St. Patrick’s Day

Wednesday, March 31, the last school day before the Easter Break


Coupons can be purchased from Ms. Stephanie in the school office.



On Monday, November 30, a counselor from the Diocese will be here for the annual student safe environment training. She will be visiting K-8 classrooms and teaching protection strategies for children. We will be sending home to new families the instruction manual for your review and information. If you have any questions concerning this training, please do not hesitate to contact me.



I want to thank all our families for their support of last month’s Walkathon. The Walkathon raised $7,021 for our school. Our students who raised over $150 enjoyed using their Dress Down coupons this week.




Friday, November 20 - Friday, December 4 - Save Your Seat Campaign for returning families.

November 21 - OLF Can and Bottle Recycling from 8:30 to 10:30 in front of the school

November 24 – Dress Down Day for students who purchased coupon

November 24 - Thanksgiving Pies arrive at school

November 25/26/27 – No School for the Thanksgiving Break

November 30 – Safe Environment Training K-8

December 1 - Giving Tuesday

December 8 – No School for the feast of the Immaculate Conception

December 10 - Virtual Open House for new families

December 19 - OLF Can and Bottle Recycling from 8:30 to 10:30 in front of the school

December 23 – Dress Down Day for students who purchased coupon

December 24-31 – No School for Christmas Vacation

January 28 – Bishop Caggiano here to celebrate Mass



Welcome back, Four/Five Team on Monday. We missed you!