Performing Arts Dept: Instruments, Music Theory, Music History, Dance, Singing, Drama

Exciting news out of the Music Room at Fatima!

Academic Year 2020-21


In an effort to ensure student safety while continuing to develop and increase all that OLF has to offer its families, the Music program at Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Academy is now expanding to become a Music and Performing Arts Department! 


Here's the scoop about *some* of what's to come:


- Percussive Dance! Students in grades K-5 will learn the basics of TAP! Lower and Middle grades students will have a hand in constructing their own (unshared) strap-on taps, and will hit the ground dancing with introductory tap lessons. If there is enough interest, the lessons will also be offered to Upper grades students.


- Music History and Music Theory! Students will learn the basics of how to read music, and then build upon that knowledge to eventually practice sight reading, composition, and more. There will be an emphasis placed upon students' use of technical skills to express themselves creatively. Additionally, students will explore the significance of music throughout history and how it has shaped (and continues to shape) our culture through studying  American Folk Song and Ballad.


- Instrumental Instruction! Students who do not wish to participate in Percussive Dance or Drumming will have the option of taking GUITAR (grades 4-8) or UKULELE (grade K-3) lessons! These popular in-school lessons will be expanded to begin in SEPTEMBER, and are once again being taught by renowned musician (and Fatima alumnus!) BOB RICCIO.


- Singing! Yes, you read that correctly, OLF will be able to continue to offer SONG as a musical outlet for its students. While there are no plans to return to full choral music until after the pandemic is over with, students at Fatima will have the ability to express themselves through singing OUTDOORS, spaced 12 FEET APART, and while wearing their own SCHOOL-PROVIDED FACE SHEILDS. 


- Drama! While Covid has placed many restrictions on what can be done on the stage, there are NO LIMITS placed upon our imagination. That's why Fatima will begin producing a series of RADIO PLAYS beginning this fall! Students in the upper grades will learn and be offered opportunities to participate in many aspects of writing, performing, recording, and broadcasting both original and classic radio dramas and shows.


ALL of the offerings of Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Academy's Music and Performing Arts Department have been reviewed by a pediatrician and will be held to the most stringent standards of Covid safety, often going beyond the recommendations of the American Academy of Pediatrics. OLFCA puts the health and well-being of its students first, and is committed to guiding children to safely and creatively express themselves.