March 6, 2020




  • March is National Reading Month.  To celebrate, the Our Lady of Fatima March Madness Reading Challenge has begun! During March we will be tracking total reading for pleasure minutes for Pre-K through 8th-grade students, teachers, and interested parents. Pre-K through first-grade students will count time spent having a parent read out loud with them. Prizes at the grade and individual level will be awarded at the end of March.
    • Parents are invited to join the fun and submit your own reading tally each Friday. Challenge your child to see who can read the most in March! Complete information to the March Madness Reading Challenge is attached.
    • To help celebrate reading, our Primary students celebrated Dr. Seuss's birthday on Monday, March 2. To celebrate, students made hats, created T-shirts and of course, read a range of Dr. Seuss classic books. (I think I still have "Go, Dog, Go!" memorized from reading so often to my own children when they were young.)
  • Important Announcement: the Bishop Scholarship Fund is open and applications are now being accepted for the 20/21 school year. The Bishop Scholarship Fund is the PRIMARY Diocese program to provide financial assistance to families seeking a Catholic education. Any family in need of financial assistance support is encouraged to apply! You apply online through the FACTS Grant and Aid application. The deadline to apply is March 15, 2020, for families with a child currently enrolled in K-8.
  • There is a new energy in our school: we are getting ready for
    "Off to see the Wizard" as students are meeting with Mrs. Fleming at recess and afterschool to practice for our Spring Play, The Wizard of Oz Jr. Under the direction of Mrs. Fleming, an amazing 75% of our Pre-K through 8th-grade students have a role in this year's musical.
  • Something else new to our school has been happening on Thursdays: students are seen happily walking around with their guitars around their shoulders going off to guitar lessons in the music room with Mr. Bob. In the music room students are already learning songs and basic chords. Thank you, Mr. Bob for this great opportunity for our students.
  • Congratulations to 8th-grader, Lauren. Lauren won the sectional Knights of Columbus Free Throw Contest, she is now off the State Championship on March 28, Go, Lauren!
  • The practice of Alms Giving is traditionally part of the Catholics' observance of Lent. Again this Lent, Ms. Patty O'Shea has sent home Rice Bowls for each student to support the Catholic Relief Services. 25% of the money raised by this Rice Bowl initiative will be used to support hunger and poverty programs in our Diocese; the other 75% will support world-wide programs especially in the developing world. Please consider making this program part of your family's Lenten observance.
  • Your child's safety is always our number 1 priority.
    • As you know the Coronavirus has become a worldwide health issue. Several parents have approached me with questions this week. I want us all to be vigilant and prepared without communicating alarm to our children.
    • On Tuesday, we sent home Dr. Cheeseman's letter telling of best practices to prevent the spread of the disease and the policy changes happening at the Diocese level.
    • On Wednesday, we sent home an updated policy from Dr. Cheeseman.
    •  At our school level his week, we have mounted new soap dispensers in the boys' and girls' bathrooms and set-up soap dispensers in the front lobby and at the backdoor. We are encouraging all students to wash their hands during the day and especially before meals.
    • In addition, Father Reggie has purchased a "fogger" which will help us do a more thorough job disinfect the desks and school surfaces in the church and at school.
    • Finally, in the UNLIKELY EVENT of an extended school closure, we are well positioned with our present digital platform to provide alternative instruction. I will continue working with the teachers to fine-tune this plan for that possibility. If you have any questions or concerns about this important topic, please do not hesitate to contact me.
  • Also, on the topic of student safety, this Tuesday, Ms. Pam Arsenault from the Diocese will be here to provide the annual Safe Environment training. Please find attached in the newsletter, the letter describing this training, the form to have your child opt-out if you choose, and an invitation to a parent training session on March 21st. Informational material for new families was also sent home today.
  • Congratulations to OLF Alumni, Myles Atkins, who took first place in the South-West Bowling Championship. Myles is a senior at Notre Dame High School.
  • More exciting alumni news: OLF 2016 graduate Mary Feeney was just accepted to Notre Dame University.Way to go, Mary and congratulations to the entire Feeney family!
  • Since March 14 (3.14) is on a Saturday this year, we will celebrate Pi Day on Friday, March 13. Ms. Galasso will be coordinating math activities for our students in their classes to mark this occasion.
 "Shout Out I"
Susan Schneider and Evelyn Gladstein. We all come to school every day knowing that we are in good hands because our school is covered by one of these two great school nurses! Being a school nurse is a noble calling. On a daily basis, you will find them conferencing with parents about health-related issues, dispersing prescribed medication, answering questions, and offering our students TLC and emotional support. Thank you, Susan and Evelyn, for all you do to keep us healthy, happy, and safe!
March 9 through March 27th - Iowa testing period
March 10 - Protecting God's Children Workshops for K-8 students
March 13 - "Pi Day"
March 14 - St. Patrick's Day Dinner
March 13 - Youth Group Stations of the Cross
March 17 - St. Patrick's Day - Green bagel sale for 8th-grade class
March 27 - Last day of winter uniforms
March 27 - End of the third semester
March 27 - Science Fair from 12:40 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.
March 28 - Youth Group Stations of the Cross
March 30 - First day of spring/fall uniforms
March 30 - Macbeth performed for our middle school students
April 3/ April 4 - School Play - The Wizard of Oz
April 9 - Holy Thursday - No School
April 10 - Good Friday - No School
April 11 - Youth Group Easter Egg Hunt
April 13 - April 17 - Spring Break
April 20 - April 24 - 5th and 8th-grade Catholic Identity ACRE assessment
April 25 - Spring Gala
April 29 - National Junior Honor Society Ceremony
May 5 - 8th-grade Graduation Photos
May 6 - Field Trip for Pre-K/K/1 to the Cabaret Theatre
May 8 - No School - Professional Development Day for teachers
May 15 - Living Museum
May 25 - No School - Memorial Day
May 25 - Memorial Day Parade beginning at 10:00 at the Wilton Center
May 29 - Volunteer Assembly
June 2 - 8th- grade trip to Boston
June 4 - 8th-grade luncheon
June 5 - Last Day for Pre-K
June 5 - 8th-grade graduation
June 8 - First day of summer Primary Program
June 11 - 11:30 dismissal for teachers to clean rooms (tentative)
June 12 - 11:30 dismissal for teachers to clean rooms (tentative)
June 12 - School Board Closing School Family Cookout
June 15 - 11:30 dismissal - Last day of school for K-7 (tentative)
And Finally:
Next Saturday, March 14 is our annual St. Patrick Day Dinner from 5:30 to 9:00. There will be food, music, Irish dancing, and a raffle. Tickets are $15 for each adult and $5 for children. Children must be accompanied by their parents. Every Fatima child who attends will receive a Dress Down Coupon for Monday, March 16th. 
It is important that your RSVP for this event at
Come and be Irish for the day and celebrate with the Fatima Community!