January 31, 2020

  • This past Tuesday was the feast day of St. Thomas Aquinas. I used the above quote as part of my toast at my daughter's wedding this past fall so it has special meaning to me. St. Thomas Aquinas should have special significance for all students. When he was young and in school during the Middle Ages, his nickname was the "dumb ox." He out-grew this nickname to such a degree that he is today honored as a Doctor of the Church and his work is still taught in college philosophy classes, especially his Contingency theory for the proof of the existence of God. A fascinating and inspiring Saint!
  • Every evening the sounds of cheering fans, bouncing basketballs, and excited students are filling the school gym. In addition, delicious cooking smells are coming from our kitchen. Our fabulous Tyler Ugolyn tournament has returned for the 13th year! This is not only a sporting event but a Fatima community event! You do not need to have a child playing to enjoy and be part of the fun! Tonight will be a big night, with Vic Ugolyn and his wife here to speak and present the annual Tyler Ugolyn awards.
  • Speaking of the tournament, the question of the tournament remains, when will Mr. Rob ever get some sleep? He is here overseeing every game.
  • While I say it is a great and fun community event, it is also a wonderful fundraiser for our school. Last weekend, the tournament made over $5,000 for the school!
  • Our usual cast of dedicated and great parents is here every night working but they must be getting tired. In addition to help in the kitchen, we need help at the door, working the scoreboard, and keeping the scorebook. Here is the link to Rob's Sign-Up Genius: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/4090545a8ab28aaf85-13annual.  This is the final week of the tournament.
  • Ms. Fleming and her youth group are running their annual Sneaker Drive in memory of Tyler Ugolyn. There is a collection box for new and "gently used" sneakers in the main lobby.
  • This past week was Catholic Schools Week across the Diocese. It began in our school with the school attending the 9:30 Mass last Sunday in their uniforms. There were quite a number of our students proudly representing us. We then had our winter Open House for prospective families from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m. I was very impressed by listening to how well-spoken our student tour guides were in describing our school. They did a fantastic job.
  • The Student Government planned great activities for Catholic Schools Week. These activities included PJ Day on Monday. Then Blue and White basketball Day on Tuesday where 4th-8th graders all had taken turns playing. In addition, the faculty, supported by several parents, played the 8th-grade in basketball. Thanks, to these "ringer" parents (Gerry Davis and Randy Weiss) we brought in to play, the faculty had what seemed to be an insurmountable 20 point league going into the final minute of the game. Then, according to the score board, the 8th-graders "scored" an amazing 40 points in the last minute. Who was "working" the scoreboard, Brianna C.? In addition, Pre-K students in their classrooms were delighted by Mr. Bungles the Magician!
  • Decades Day on Wednesday was a great success with students going all out to wear the clothes and hairstyle of the Decade they were assigned. In the afternoon, the 8th-grade hosted a fun-filled Sock Hop for primary students. The gym was filled with the happy squeals of our youngest students who enjoyed the parachute activities, especially when Ms. Trish turned it into a huge tent with all the primary students and 8th-graders underneath it.
  • On Thursday, we had Jersey Day with school-wide Bingo in the afternoon. It was a unique Fatima moment with each table of Bingo players comprised of older students and younger students. The older students both played their boards and helped the younger students with boards. Fun was had by all!
  • Today is Grandparent and Special Visitor Day. All the classrooms had special activities planned. Pre-K worked with their special visitors on an arts and crafts project. K/1 team sang songs, did an arts and crafts project and ended singing, "This Little Light of Mine."
  • 2/3 Team had classroom presentations on United States Monuments and Symbols (And the flag of Korea). The 4/5 Team completed a special art project on "Outside the Box." Middle school students had just their regular classes with 8th-graders starting their Bridge building project in science and 7th-graders working with the 3-D printer in STEAM.
  • Our Mentoring Program celebrated the end of the first ten-week mentoring period with a pizza party on Wednesday. After the Winter Break we are going to begin a new part of our program with Mentors assigned to our Pre-K students on Thursdays at recess. A letter describing the program will be sent home to our Pre-K parents shortly. New middle school students are welcome if you are interested in becoming a mentor. It remains an asset to our school and a fun way to get community service hours. If interested, just see Mr. Rob or me.
  • As soon as the basketball tournament ends, we will begin planning for the Spring Musical, The Wizard of Oz. There will be an important informational meeting after school on Friday, February 7th.  Please mark your calendars!
  • Good news for Pre-K through 1st-grade parents: the school board has voted to run our Primary Summer Program again this summer for seven weeks. The program will again run from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and will be staffed by Mrs. K, Ms. Mariah and other teachers.
  • Please find an updated Fatima School Directory in the Principal's Newsletter that was delivered to your email inbox. We have picked up several new families.         
  • DIG Soccer continues to offer the game, Capture the Flag on Fridays during the winter on Fridays. The times are 3:45pm to 4:30pm: Grades 1-4; 4:30pm to 5:30pm: Grades 5-9
  • The Something Special Store depends on your donations and volunteering to make it successful. Joanne is especially in need of donations at this point in the year. So please check your home for an old "treasure" that you consider donating. In addition, we are asking the following grades to sign-up and cover these coming months: Grades 6 /7 and 2/3 February, grades 4/5 and Pre-K March, grade 8 and K/1 April. These required two shifts of service make up the first eight hours of the 20 hours of service we are asking each family to give to our school. You can pick your day and time to sign-up at: 
  • Here are a couple of important safety updates. First, I want to remind everyone that they should be parking behind the church for all routine drop-offs and pick-ups. This is both a safety issue and a consideration issue of others. Since we do not have the space or parking in front of the building for everyone to use those doors, it is important that everyone uses the back door entrance where we do have enough space. Then only those with special circumstances and permission will be free to use the front door. Thank you for your help.
  • Also, as you know, a big news story is the Coronavirus
    spreading in China. Please find attached Dr. Cheeseman's letters describing the limitations now placed on travel to China by the United States government and how these limitations involve students.                                                                                    Coronavirus Letter
 "Shout Out I"
You can't have a two-week basketball tournament without the efforts of great people pitching in to help. A loud "Shout-out" goes this week to the following parents, teachers, alumni, and alumni parents who have helped at the tournament so far. Many have worked way more than one shift. The list includes (and I hope I didn't miss anyone) Clara Taveras, Amber Pace, Carmel Bowron, Katrina Pesta, Agnes Criscuolo, Maria Perez, Griffin McMahon, Mr. T, Mariola Henkin, Gerry Davis, Amy Crane, Madaleine Carroll, Jennifer Poku, Jon Pace, Pina Marna, Mike Sloditskie, Magdalena Pariza, Karen Earls, Kongming Wang, Bai Ding Wang, Katherine Imholdt, Bill Earls, Sofia Pace, Marissa Lowthert, Geri Galasso, Diane Robinson, Maria Paras, Randy Weiss, Steve Bonafide, Esther Chane, Brian Broesder, Chris Vizza, Cindy Blizzard, Tina Stapkowski, Tracey Bonafide, Liliana Benanti, Liz Carbin, Albert Blizzard, Jennifer Gilchrist, Mary Jones, Elizabeth Doyle, Anne McMahon, Joanne Lussier, Karina Leon, Nancy Scimeca, Margaret O'Brien, Kevin McMahon, and John Doyle.
January 31 to February 7 - Tyler Ugolyn Basketball Tournament continues
February 7 - Wizard of Oz informational meeting after school
February 11 - LifeTouch here for "candid" photos
February 13/14/17 Winter Break
February 21 - Restaurant Night
March 9th through March 27th - Iowa testing period
March 10 - Protecting God's Children Workshop 
March 14 - St. Patrick's Day Dinner
March 13 - Youth Group Stations of the Cross
March 17 - St. Patrick's Day - Green bagel sale for 8th-grade class
March 27 - Last day of winter uniforms
March 27 - End of the third semester
March 27 - Science Fair from 12:40 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.
March 28 - Youth Group Stations of the Cross
March 30 - First day of spring/fall uniforms
March 30 - Macbeth performed for our middle school students
April 3/ April 4 - School Play - The Wizard of Oz
April 9 - Holy Thursday - No School
April 10 - Good Friday - No School
April 11 - Youth Group Easter Egg Hunt
April 13 - April 17 - Spring Break
April 25 - Spring Gala
And Finally:
 More fantastic alumni news:
First, congratulations to Wilton High School Freshman and OLF 2019 graduate, Amelia F. Midterm grades are back and Amelia as a freshman received a 97 on her Biology 3 Midterm, 96 on her English 2 Midterm, and a 100 on her Spanish 3 Midterm. Wow!
Also, congratulations to Whit Lupoli, OLF 2016 graduate, on achieving Scouting's highest rank, the Eagle Scout award!  Celebrating the special event were  Mrs. Geri Galasso, middle school math teacher, and Whit's fellow Fatima Class of 2016 alumni/Fairfield Prep 2020 classmates James Byrne, Ryan Davis, Brian Rooney, and David Zahrah.  
Way to go, Alumni!