"Teach us to give and not to count the cost." St. Ignatius of Loyola

Newsletter Aug 8, 2019



Friday, AUG 30TH Bishop Caggiano will be here to celebrate 9:00 Mass and then we will process back to school for a RIBBON CUTTING CEREMONY to recognize our school becoming an Academy. 

Please plan to join us. I have never heard Bishop Caggiano speak and not felt uplifted!



As you know, our big new school initiative this coming year will be our full investment in the multi-age classroom model
Our classrooms are structured to allow children to spend a longer period of time with the same teacher, resulting in a stronger learning relationship. A child will have the same teacher for two consecutive years in our Pre-K and Elementary classrooms; in middle school, they will have three years with the same subject area teachers.
The strengths of this multi-age approach include:
  • The teacher learns your child's strengths and needs over an extended period of time and will be in a position to develop the best Personalized Approach to Learning for your child.
  • Older students serve as mentors and role models while garnering leadership skills. Your child will have a wide network of different age friends.
  • Younger students learn behavior and social skills from the older students
  • The class as a whole learns cooperation, the benefit of supporting one another with the outcome of a creative learning environment and a sense of community in the classroom.
  • The multi-age classroom is child-centered and offers continuous learning.
  • And it prepares the child for high school and beyond where they will consistently be placed in ability level classes, regardless of age.


One message I have heard consistently from the Diocese this past spring is that every school in the Diocese must be financially self-sufficient this coming school year to remain open for the following year. The Diocese will no longer be funding any school as it has done in the past. 
We need to fundraise $128,000 this year to have a balanced budget. This financial goal is very doable! Last year our "Big Three" fundraising activities of the Spring Gala, Something Special Store, and the Tyler Ugolyn Tournament raised together just under $100,000. That would leave only $28,000 of additional fundraising we will have to do.
With everyone's help, we can easily reach this goal! As we have discussed as a community, this additional fundraising allows us to keep our tuition competitive with other private and Catholic schools. Keep an eye out for our fundraisers. 
Some of our larger events will be: 
  • Walk-a-thon
  • Tyler Ugolyn Tournament 
  • Annual Gala
  • Something Special Thrift Store
The easiest fundraising: 
  • Recycling - Old technology drop box
  • Recycling - Clothing/Textiles drop box
  • Boxtops4Education - It's gone digital! Scan your receipts
  • Amazon Smile - Link account and shop as you always do
  • Stop & Shop Rewards Card - Link account and shop as you always do


Ms. Anne Goslee-Jovovic, who worked last year with Ms. Highland in the STEM room, will be co-teaching art and STEAM (Science, technology, engineering, arts, and math) classes with Ms. Highland this year.
Ms. Jovovic has over 47 years of teaching experience in art, STEM, and English at the International School of Belgrade. She is going to bring a wealth of knowledge and love for art to our school. I am excited to have Ms. Jovoic's enthusiasm and experience join us.
One procedure I would like to reestablish this year is the policy of all dropping off and picking up be done from the back of the school.
I am asking all parents to park behind the church and use only the back door for morning drop off and afternoon pick-up.
This will leave the front door for special, approved circumstances. Thank you for your help with this procedure.
As you know, this year, we have a new lunch program! CT Catering offers delicious, hot lunches ordered online and then delivered to the classroom each day. 
The welcoming letter from CT Catering is attached and Donette from CT Catering will be here at Open School Night to explain the online ordering system and answer any questions you may have.



Tech Drop Box - 
Do you have old cell phones, tablets, laptops, or batteries that you just can't bear to throw out? Do you want to help Our Lady of Fatima make some extra money? The technology recycling boxes can be found in the school lobby all summer. Thank you to Diana and Kevin for spearheading!
Is your child outgrowing their clothes and shoes and are you looking for a convenient donation center? Look no further; Mara Fleming has arranged for a USAGAIN clothes and shoe bin that is placed on the side of the school. Thank you, Mara!



As you know for the 2019/2020 school year we will be accepting uniforms that say "Our Lady of Fatima School" and uniforms that say, "Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Academy. I know that Land's End has updated their new uniforms to "Academy," I have not heard from Dennis' store yet. 



Does your child love the Theatre? New this year, Mara Fleming is hosting a "Theatre Week" for students in grades 1-5. This year's production will be the PIED PIPER'S WILD WEST SHOW. It will begin on Monday, September 16th and after four days of practices, they will perform their play on Friday, September 20th. This will be an exciting week for all interested students. (Middle school students can get community service hours by helping at practice.) Practice will be every day from 3:00 to 5:00 p.m. More information to come.
We are creating a volunteer teacher support team this year. We need your help in our S.T.E.A.M. room, art room, and primary classrooms and during recess. Your role will be supporting the teaching staff and/or monitoring student activities.
Do you have ninety minutes of time, or do you know someone, who has ninety minutes of time on a weekly basis to volunteer at our school? No experience is necessary and the schedule and hours are flexible. Just contact the school office.
This summer, I have been working on a complete 19/20 school calendar that will have all school activities, family activities, and fundraising activities for the year. It will be given out on Open School night on September 11th.



MEET YOUR TEACHER: 8/26, 2-4:00 pm
Attention new parents: we are planning a "Meet your Teacher" event on Monday, August 26th from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. Please mark your calendars!



The annual Parish/School Cookout will take place Friday, Sept 6th in front of school starting at 5:00.

This is a great chance to socialize and come together. Please RSVP the Parish office at 203-762-3928.  The Cookout will be followed immediately by Family Movie Night. Both events are free!! Kevin Vallerie will bring his equipment including a large inflatable screen for an unforgettable outdoor movie experience behind the school. Please plan to join us for this great night!


OPEN SCHOOL (Back-to-School) NIGHT ~9/11, 6-7:30 pm:

After discussion, we will be changing the format of Open School Night.
For new parents, this is a very important meeting where you will hear important information on our school, on our new Academy model, on our events and fundraising, on our new lunch program, on our athletic program, and meet your child's teacher and hear their expectations and plan for the year. 
This year, to take in account the needs of our parents with young children, we will have a general school meeting beginning at 6:00 p.m. in the gym, followed by classroom presentations. All presentations will be completed by 7:30 and we will offer light refreshments back in the gym.
We do plan to offer babysitting from our middle school students. We hope this shortened schedule, without a dinner, will make it easier for all families to join us that night.


Steve Soucy. Steve and Jean Soucy are the parents of three Fatima gradates. Steve served on the School Board for many years as school treasurer and was very active as a basketball coach. At last year's Spring Gala event, Steve bid and won 24 hours of home landscaping offered by Sergio's Landscaping Company. Steve then donated this great prize back to our school.
Thank you, Steve!
Sergio Mirabelles. Sergio is the owner of Sergio Landscaping and father of 6th grader, Lucas. Sergio and his workers were here Wednesday weeding our back playgrounds, trimming hedges, and improving our grounds. In addition, he hauled away for us several very large items that we could not put in our dumpsters. Thank you, Sergio, for this wonderful contribution to our school.
August 12th - August 16th - Last session of the Summer Primary Program
August 26th - Meet Your Teacher Event from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.
August 28th - First day of school for K-8
August 30th - Bishop Caggiano here to celebrate 9:00 Mass and then a ribbon-cutting ceremony.
September 3rd - First day of school for Pre-K
September 6th - School/Parish Cookout followed by Family Movie Night
September 9th - School Board Meeting at 6:00 p.m.
September 11th - Open School Night
September 16th -September 20th - Theatre Week
September 18th - anticipated first day of Cross-Country practice for grades 5-8
September 21st - Casino Night
Now that the playgrounds have been weeded, it is time to spread new mulch for the coming school year. Our annual playground mulch project will take place this Saturday, August 10th starting at 8:00 a.m. All are invited -bring your rake. With many hands, we will be done by midmorning.  This event can be a great way for new families to meet current Fatima families. If you are planning to participate, please email Carmel Bowron at bowron0803@aol.com so she will have enough sandwiches and drinks. The Knights of Columbus from St. Mathew's Church and Coach Dan and his DIG coaches will also be here helping. We will give community service hours to any middle school student who helps. See you on Saturday!