CHESS Team: Wins 1st Place DIG Weston Scholastic Tournament

The Fatima Chess Team is in it's inaugural year and came out raring to go!  These players range in varying levels of experience, but all are just as dedicated to the game.  
In addition to wining our other awards, one of our most experienced players, Illeas, did so well, he was honored by playing on the electronic board.  This is a chess board connected so anyone in the world, literally, can view each move the players make as they make it.  Only the most experienced players duke it out on the world stage. Congratulations Illeas!
The school is extremely proud of all our players.  We feel lucky to have such amazing and experienced coaches shepherding our two groups of chess players. 
Now on to the Fatima Spring Scholastic Tournament on March 23rd.  See you all then!